SENCO FinishPRo21LXP 21 Ga Review

Tired of using a hammer to drive nails? Well, putting together pieces of wood has never been easier thanks to the advent of nail guns. Imagine being able to lodge a 2" nail through wood at the pull of a trigger. Although most nail guns are capable of doing that, they're unfortunately not all created equal.

If you're looking for a reputable brand in the nailing industry, Senco is a great choice. They have a long line up of nail guns and pinners designed to serve different needs.

Their 21guage LXP Senco FinishPro is perfect for situations where a 23-guage pinner fails to provide adequate holding power while an 18gauge either has too much nail or mars the wood surface, leaving behind unsightly holes. With the right amount of nails, a 21gauge nail gun also works well when attaching crown molding onto walls.​

Find out what to expect from this nail gun by checking out this quick SENCO FinishPRo21LXP 21 Ga review.

Fires a Decent Range of Nail Lengths

Nail guns can be very handy tools when you need to drive plenty of nails in a short amount of time. However, applications for these tools can be somewhat limited if the nail sizes you want to use are too small or oversized. The good thing about Senco's LXP 21-gauge FinishPro nail gun is that it can drive a variety of nails with medium head pins. This tool will work with any nail within the range of 5/8" to 2". The nail gun is also designed to adjust automatically according to the fastener length in use. You can buy genuine Senco fasteners from approved retailers, which usually come in boxes with 800, 1000 or 5000 pieces.

Easy to Load Magazine

The Senco FinishPRo21LXP 21 Ga nail gun features an oblong magazine mounted parallel to the handle. The magazine is made of a solid metal construction to improve durability. In addition, it's easy to load and can carry strips with up to 200 fasteners. All you have to do to load the nail gun is:

  • Push the rail backward to open the magazine.
  • Place a strip of nails into the magazine while ensuring that the points are resting on the fastener guide.
  • Push the rail forward until it latches to close the magazine.
SENCO FinishPRo21LXP 21 Ga Review - Will work with any nail within the range of 5/8-inch to 2 inches and comes with an easy-to-load magazine

Will work with any nail within the range of 5/8-inch to 2 inches and comes with an easy-to-load magazine

Powerful Pneumatic Nail Gun

The Senco FinishPro 21-Gauge LXP is powered by air pressure. You'll need an air hose that can fit its 1/4" inlet. Exhaust is directed away from the user using a swiveling 1/4" plug that keeps the hose under control. For a pneumatic nailer, the FinishPro 21ga LXP is quite powerful. It requires an operating pressure of between 70 and 120 PSI to drive nails through wood and expels 1.2 SCFM (standard cubic feet per minute) of air. Given the high pressure, chances of the nail following a crocked grain are very much slim. Just make sure the gun is aimed correctly and it will embed nails flush on wooden surfaces.

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Last Nail Lockout Safety Feature

Some nail gun models can start to shoot blanks without any warning, causing wood fittings to end up being loose. However, this will not be a problem with Senco's FinishPro 21ga LXP nailer. This model is equipped with a lockout mechanism that activates only when 5 fasteners remain, thus preventing dry firing. The trigger doesn't work in lockout mode but you can continue firing to the last pin by pressing and holding down the lockout override button. If the nail gun jams, you can use the on-board wrench to undo the two bottom screws and remove the front plate for easy access to the jammed fasteners.

Compact and Comfortable Design

Handling the Finish Pro 21gauge nail gun is a breeze. Featuring a compact design, this tool is easy on the hands and only weighs 2.7 lbs. The lightweight design makes this nail gun ideal to use for long periods of time without having to worry about fatigue. The nailer's narrow nose is also perfect for accessing tight corners with ease. What's more, its ergonomic, rubberized overmold handle provides a firm and comfortable grip.

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SENCO FinishPRo21LXP 21 Ga Package Details and Accessories

  • 1 x SENCO Finish Pro 21LXP 21 Gauge Nail Gun
  • Wrenches
  • Tool oil
  • No mar pad
  • Carrying case
  • Swivel air plug
  • Operator's manual


The SENCO Finish Pro 21LXP 21 Ga measures 10.16 (L) x 2.6 (W) x 8.9 (H) inches.


  • Powerful pneumatic 21-gauge nail gun that drives fasteners without leaving holes or marring wood
  • Last nail lockout will let you know when to reload the magazine
  • Lightweight and compact for comfortable all day use
  • Comes with maintenance and jam clearing tools


  • Since the Senco FinishPro 21 LXP is a pneumatic nailer, users will have to put up with maneuvering an air hose around the work area

Consumer Ratings

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The Senco FinishPro 21 LXP has so far been getting stellar consumer ratings at many independent review sites mostly due to its excellent performance and numerous useful features. Going by these reviews, it's evident that this nail gun offers great value.

SENCO FinishPRo21LXP 21 Ga Price

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If you're looking for a nail gun that offers the holding power of an 18-gauge nailer and leaves behind a neat job that's close to using a 23-gauge gun, then the Senco FinishPro 12 LXP is the tool to have. The fact that this nail gun offers reliable performance and convenient features makes it worth buying. Senco also offers a 5-year warranty on this tool for your total peace of mind.

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