POWERTEC BG800 Bench Grinder, 8-Inch Review

Powertech is a brand that the manufacturing industry has grown to trust. Not only do their tools perform well, they tend to last even when subjected to rugged use. The same can be said about the POWERTEC BG800 Bench Grinder, which comes with a great deal of features. With this bench grinder, you can sharpen cutting tools like garden shears, chisels, scissors, or lawn mower blades. Read on to learn about its features, pros, cons, and what people are saying about it.

Sturdy and Heavy Duty Design

When it comes to build quality, the Powertec BG800 bench grinder doesn't fall short of anything. It's a heavy machine that was designed to provide wobble-free operations. This can be attributed to the heavy-duty stainless steel base that improves stability during use. The heavy design also cancels out vibrations and provides a safer bench grinder to work with.

Integrated Water Tray and Lamps

Top of the line bench grinders such as this one are known to offer a range of convenient features that enhance ease of use. For example, the Powertech BG800 comes with a pull out water tray so that you get to cool the tool that needs grinding while working on a project.

Another great feature that comes with the POWERTEC BG800 Bench Grinder is lighting assistance. The two grinding wheels each have an integrated lamp, which will come in handy if your workshop doesn't let in enough light.​

POWERTEC BG800 Bench Grinder Review - Comes with an integrated pull out water tray to cool tools that need grinding

Comes with an integrated pull out water tray to cool tools that need grinding

Powerful and Versatile 2-Wheel Bench Grinder

Like most bench grinders, the Powertec BG800 accommodates two abrasive discs at the same time. As a result, you can perform a variety of jobs with a single machine. The wheels will provide a long life service since this unit is designed to fit 8-inch discs.

The bench grinder also has a powerful motor that offers no-load speeds of up to 3600 revolutions per minute. The intelligent motor design that Powertec uses ensures that wheel speed remains constant throughout operation. This unit is very quiet despite having a high-speed motor.

POWERTEC BG800 Bench Grinder - 2-wheel bench grinder with a 3600 RPM motor

2-wheel bench grinder with a 3600 RPM motor

Equipped with Safety Shield and Magnifier

In order to prevent injuries, the Powertech BG800 bench grinder has safety shields on each wheel. The shields keep users from getting their fingers too close to the fast rotating wheels, thus preventing serious accidents. These guards will not get in the way since they have a hinged design and you can adjust them to get the perfect grinding angle when sharpening workshop or garage tools. The clear view safety shields also do much more than simply prevent injuries. They double up as viewing aids since the material used is actually a magnifying glass.

POWERTEC BG800 Bench Grinder Package Details and Accessories

  • 1 x Powertech BG800 Bench Grinder
  • Owner's operating manual
POWERTEC BG800 Review - Provides lighting assistance when working in poorly lit areas

Provides lighting assistance when working in poorly lit areas


The Powertech BG800 Bench Grinder measures 16.4 x 15.3 x 11 inches in size.


  • Water tray is included for cooling tools that get hot when grinding due to friction
  • Powerful motor designed to maintain constant wheel speed
  • Integrated lamps for easy viewing in low light conditions
  • Heavy-duty design for added stability
  • Relatively quiet during operation


  • At 39.3 pounds, this bench grinder is a bit heavy. While the heavy design keeps the machine stable, it can make transportation difficult. Therefore, this bench grinder should be kept at fixed spot to avoid the inconvenience of moving it around.

Consumer Ratings

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Consumer ratings for the Powertech BG800 bench grinder have so far been quite positive and buyers have stated that this tool makes a great addition to any home workshop. Given the numerous convenient features and strong design that this bench grinder boasts of, its good approval ratings come as no surprise.

POWERTEC BG800 Bench Grinder, 8-Inch Price

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If you're looking for an electric powered bench grinder, the BG800 model from Powertec will make a great buy. Its no-load speed of 3600RPM makes it suitable for the majority of bench grinding tasks. With this tool, you'll also get a features such as a heavy gauge steel base, coolant tray, as well as integrated safety shields and lamps on both grinding wheels. Overall, this bench grinder offers great value when you consider its features and reasonable price tag.

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