Kobalt 1/2″ Impact Wrench SGY-AIR134 Review

The Kobalt 1/2" Impact Wrench SGY-AIR134 is one of the most affordable air-powered tools on the market. In fact, it's almost unbelievable that you can own a pneumatic tool at this price point.

For at home mechanics and DIY homeowners, the low to medium power delivered by this impact wrench is reasonably good and the tool will therefore make a great addition to your air tool collection.

Powerful Impact Wrench

The Kobalt 1/2" impact wrench is perfect for a variety of odd jobs around the house or neighborhood. Kobalt added full power to this air tool in reverse. In forward, the wrench has 3-positional power. Kobalt designed this tool to be a low to medium power tool, and the plus side of this is you don't need a huge air compressor to use it. The downside is it might not have enough power to do heavy-duty jobs. However, the tool will still be efficient enough to help you get lug nuts off your tires easily.

Easy to Handle Tool

Most impact wrenches are created with a lot of power and torque, which makes them hard to hang onto when in use. However, this isn't one of those. In fact, this wrench makes a great choice for people who don't need or can't handle the weight and power of a larger impact wrench. Adding to the ease of use of this tool is an ergonomic design and a rubber grip handle.

Tool Has Full-Aluminum Housing

Adding to the durability of this Kobalt air tool is full-aluminum housing, which means it will last a very long time. The durable housing helps protect the tool in case of accidental drops or bumps. And because the impact wrench is created with aluminum, it's also less likely to rust or corrode.

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Perfect for DIY Mechanics

One of the main reasons DIY mechanics add this product to their air tool collection is because it's perfect for removing lug nuts from tires. When used with a proper compressor, the air impact wrench will remove lug nuts in just a few minutes. Also, if you use this tool with a low-power compressor, it will still work but will take longer because you'll have to wait for the compressor to cycle. If you're patient, you'll be able to get lug nuts off with no problem. It might be a good idea to have some WD-40 nearby as well.

Kobalt SGY-AIR134 Review - A great looking impact wrench for your collection

A great looking impact wrench for your collection

Kobalt 1/2" Impact Wrench SGY-AIR134 Package Details and Accessories

  • Impact wrench
  • Instruction manual


This impact wrench measures 11.1 x 9.1 x 2.4 inches and weighs 6 lbs.


  • [email protected] PSI
  • Aluminum housing
  • Air powered
  • Compact design yet powerful
  • Adjustable 3-postion power
  • Easy to use
  • Durable twin power mechanism


  • Not electric powered
  • Only works with air compressors
  • Low torque – requires a fairly decent compressor to be effective
  • Heavy (6 pounds)

Consumer Ratings

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This air tool offers superb value. While the low torque and power doesn't make it ideal for professional mechanics or carpenters, this Kobalt SGY-AIR134 impact wrench is still a great choice for DIY mechanics.

Tip: If you find a lug not that's tough to get off, simply give it a couple shots of WD-40 and you'll be able to get them off.

Kobalt 1/2" Impact Wrench SGY-AIR134 Price

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For use at home or in the garage, you can't beat the value of the Kobalt 1/2" Impact Wrench SGY-AIR134. Whether you're changing your daughter's struts or need to take off a flat tire, you'll be impressed with how easily this Kobalt tool lets you get stuff done. Just make sure you have a good size compressor or you may be disappointed with it.

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