Delta Power Tools 36-5152 Delta Left Tilt Table Saw Rip Review

If you're a novice woodworker or have no experience when it comes to doing small carpentry jobs, the Delta Power Tools 36-5152 Delta Left Tilt Table Saw would make a great start-up tool. Unlike other complicated table saw units, this model is designed for both experienced and first time users. It's simple to use, sits still during use, ensures accuracy, and is packed with many useful features. The following review will discuss these features to help you make an informed buying decision.

Top Quality Fence

When looking for a table saw, the fence (i.e. the part where you slide wood against when feeding it onto the saw) is one of the most important factors to consider. The 36-5152 Delta table saw doesn't hold back on fence quality and features a durable Biesemeyer-style fence designed with dual rip windows. The fence is made of tubular steel and is welded to angle iron, thus eliminating the need for adjustments over time. Not having to make frequent adjustments to the fence in turn helps to enhance the table saw's accuracy and ensures safety is maintained during use.

One Piece Rail System

If precision is one of your primary concerns in a table saw, the Delta 36-5152 is the right product for you. In addition to the unit's Biesemeyer fence, the Delta 36-5152 features a heavy-duty one-piece rail system that further enhances the accuracy of the saw. This rail system holds its accuracy and ensures precise cuts every time. Therefore, you’ll be able to make identical cuts for projects that require similar looking parts.

Delta Power Tools 36-5152 Delta Left Tilt Table Saw Rip Review - Provides a wobble-free experience

Provides a wobble-free experience

Left Hand and Right Hand Cast Iron Extension Wings

The 36-5152 Delta features an iron cast tabletop with Left Hand (LH) and Right Hand (RH) iron cast extension wings. The iron cast material has a sturdy and heavy feel that ensures a smooth operation as it minimizes vibrations. Both extension wings are clearly marked to ensure there’s no confusion between the left and the right side.

Delta Power Tools 36-5152 Review - Cast iron extension wings for both left and right handers

Cast iron extension wings for both left and right handers

Tubular Stand

Another major plus point for the Delta 36-5152 is the tubular stand on which the table saw sits on. The unique tubular design of the stand provides a great deal of support and stability. This in turn enables you to work in comfort as the table will not wobble during use.

Additionally, the tubular stand features a couple of fixed wheels and one swivel wheel at the base. The wheels take away all of the hard work of moving the 305 pounds 36-5152 Delta table saw from one place to another. So, moving and setting up the saw at home or putting it away for storage will be an effortless task.​

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Delta Power Tools 36-5152 Delta Left Tilt Table Saw Package Details and Accessories

  • 1 x Table Saw (30 inches or 52 inches rip capacity)
  • Knife
  • Blade
  • Bare tool
  • Blade guard
  • Power cord
Delta Power Tools 36-5152 Delta Left Tilt Table Saw Rip Review - HIghly portable

Easy to transport


The 36-5152 Delta table saw measures 76 x 20 x 27 inches.


  • User manual features good and easy to read instructions
  • Has a large easy to access on/off switch
  • Features a blade guard that protects users from the spinning blade
  • Comes with a dust port that connects to any vacuum with a 2.5" port
  • The table saw is made from quality material
  • The blade brake protects against accidents by stopping the blade within seconds of turning off the table saw
  • Enables angled cuts of 45 and 90 degrees
  • Allows tool-free adjustments for the riving knife and anti-kickback pawls
  • Heavy-duty RH extension board with support legs


  • Closed or poorly ventilated areas are not ideal for the table saw due to the large amount of debris that fails to get to the dust port

Consumer Ratings

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The 36-5152 Delta table saw has had many users buzzing with excitement. So far, the unit has already garnered great reviews at many independent review sites and the majority of past purchasers have said that they're completely satisfied with the table saw's performance. The only complaint is that a great amount of wood debris falls to the floor even when a vacuum is attached to the dust port. Other than that, the users say that the 36-5152 Delta table saw is powerful, accurate, stable, well made, and provides stress-free operation.

Delta Power Tools 36-5152 Delta Left Tilt Table Saw Price

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No tough task can overwhelm the Delta Power Tools 36-5152 Delta Left Tilt Table Saw. This is thanks to the combination of a powerful motor, stable tubular stand, 10-inch quality blade, and heavy-duty components. And that's not all! The table saw also offers safety, ease of use, and comfortable operation. All in all, this table saw provides great value for money.

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