ACDelco ANI402 1/2-Inch Composite Impact Wrench Review

The ACDelco ANI402 1/2-Inch Composite Impact Wrench is perfect for homeowners and professionals alike. With many forward and reverse speeds, low air consumption, perfect weight to power ration, a Twin Hammer mechanism, and a light, composite housing, you can't go wrong with this air tool. It makes removing lug nuts easy, even those stubborn and rusty ones.

This impact wrench will make a great addition to your air tool collection and let's take a look at how it can help you work faster and smarter.

Offers Many Speeds

Many people think you have to sacrifice features and have a huge air compressor to get a heavy-duty impact wrench, but that's just not true. The ACDelco 1/2-inch composite impact wrench is a heavy-duty unit with tons of features. One of the most impressive aspects of the air tool is its many forward and reverse speeds. In total, the tool has 4 forward speeds and 4 reverse speeds. So, you're sure to find the perfect speed for whatever task you have at hand. You also don't have to own or buy an industrial size air compressor to use this tool at home or work.

Low Air Consumption

While this impact wrench is designed to be used with a compressor, you don't need a huge air compressor for it to work effectively. When the low rate of air intake is combined with the powerful torque (750 ft/lb.), you get an awesome weight-power ratio that helps you tackle any task quickly and with ease.

ACDelco ANI402 Review - Heavy-duty tool with max air pressure of 90 PSI/6.2 Bar

Heavy-duty tool with max air pressure of 90 PSI/6.2 Bar

Twin Hammer Mechanism For Durable Power

Another huge bonus associated with this heavy-duty air tool is its Twin Hammer mechanism. This mechanism delivers power and durability that's needed for tough jobs. It's also this mechanism that allows you to remove lug nuts in seconds.

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Light And Composite Housing Material

One of the first things you'll notice about this tool is its outer housing. Most heavy-duty impact wrenches are created with aluminum housing. While aluminum is certainly durable and protective, it's unfortunately also very heavy. To reduce the weight of the tool and to prevent user fatigue, ACDelco created the ANI402 with a housing that's not only as durable as traditional aluminum, but much lighter than the metal. It's important to note that if the tool is dropped, the housing could chip or crack, but that shouldn't affect the mechanisms inside the wrench because the housing material is tough.

ACDelco ANI402 1/2-Inch Composite Impact Wrench Package Details and Accessories

  • Impact wrench
  • Manual
ACDelco ANI402 Composite Impact Wrench Review - Removes lug nuts quickly

Removes lug nuts in mere seconds


ACDelco's composite impact wrench measures 2.5 x 7 x 8 inches and weighs 5.2 lbs.


  • Great for use on left-handed threads
  • Comes with a handle exhaust design
  • Lots of power at 750ft./lb torque
  • 6 CFM air flow
  • 1 year limited warranty


  • Uses alkaline batteries
  • Composite material housing can chip or crack

Consumer Ratings

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Past purchasers seem to love this heavy-duty air tool because it makes tackling tough projects like removing rusty lug nuts easy. One thing to note is that the power tool is visible when delivered. So, if you're purchasing this tool for someone special as a gift, you need to make sure you choose the gift option when ordering.

ACDelco ANI402 1/2-Inch Composite Impact Wrench Price

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Whether you need a new impact wrench for every bay at your workplace or just need a heavy-duty tool for use at home, you'll be impressed with the ACDelco ANI402 1/2-Inch Composite Impact Wrench. This power tool has received great reviews so far and does exactly what you would expect it to do without needing a ton of compressed air. The unique light and composite housing on the tool also provides durability and protection to keep the air tool in service for years.

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